Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rand Paul Way in the Back of the Pack in South Carolina

Public Policy Polling's first poll, in the important early primary state of South Carolina, of Republicans for 2016 finds Jeb Bush and Scott Walker at the top of the heap.

Bush leads with 19% to 18% for Walker with Graham and Ben Carson tied for 3rd at 13% and Mike Huckabee also in double digits at 12%. Chris Christie at 7%, Rand Paul at 5%, and Ted Cruz and Rick Perry at 3% round out the field.

Bush and Walker are drawing their support from distinctly different ideological groups, according to PPP. Among voters identifying themselves as 'very conservative' Walker leads Bush 27/12. But among those identifying themselves as moderate, Bush has a 36/6 advantage over Walker.

Republican primary voters in South Carolina are exceedingly conservative on a host of issues. Only 31% believe in global warming, just 34% believe in evolution, and 62% support establishing Christianity as the national religion.


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  1. The primary process here is truly a circus. No one forget that last go round Newt Gingrich was SC pick for nominee and I don't think many saw that's really hard to predict what's going to happen here.

    There was another poll earlier this month, with a small sample size and possibly biased, that showed Walker/Graham.

    I highly doubt Lindsey Graham could survive intense liberal muckraking if he makes even one good showing in a primary, assuming that it's true he is homosexual.

    The politics here are brutal. All sorts of wild things happen. McCain was subject to a whisper campaign last minute that claimed he had fathered a half black baby out of wedlock that was reinforced by push It's strange what will and won't fly here in SC. Newt Gingrich, serial adulterer, "thumbs up!". Strom Thurmond, who really did father a black baby out of wedlock(and I'm not saying that's a problem, I'm just posting observations), "Thumbs up!"

    Yet somehow though that whisper campaign destroyed McCain....SC is just a very strange/brutal landscape politically.

    I've taken a very HLM/Rothbardian view of the whole thing and treat it like the circus is coming to town, I laugh about it all now and watch with the interest of one who might watch a slow motion car crash. It's great fun under the right mindset.