Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rand Paul To Appear In Anti-Gay Documentary

A  new documentary that claims the push for gay rights threatens Christianity is getting Rand caught on both sides of an issue, once again.

Huffo Po comments:
Paul's involvement in the documentary is...surprising. When asked about same-sex marriage recently, he affirmed that he favors so-called traditional marriage, but believes the Republican Party should tolerate different views.

If you tell people from Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia, 'You know what, guys, we’ve been wrong, and we’re gonna be the pro-gay-marriage party,' they’re either gonna stay home or -- I mean, many of these people joined the Republican Party because of these social issues," Paul said in an interview last summer.

"So I don’t think we can completely flip," he added. "But can we become, to use the overused term, a bigger tent? I think we can and can agree to disagree on a lot of these issues. I think the party will evolve. It’ll either continue to lose, or it’ll become a bigger place where there’s a mixture of opinions."

In another interview a couple months later, Paul acknowledged that "society's changing" and becoming more accepting of marriage equality.

“The bottom line is, I’m old fashioned, I’m a traditionalist,” he said. “I believe in old-fashioned traditional marriage. But, I don’t really think the government needs to be too involved with this, and I think that the Republican Party can have people on both sides of the issue.”

Rand will likely claim  he does not support the general position of the documentary and was just commenting on the states' rights issue. But, of course, the libertarian position is not that the federal government shouldn't harass individuals in there consenting activities with other individuals, but that neither should any of the other 50 51 states. That said, there are no special gay rights that need to be monitored and enforced by the government. Simple respect for the non-aggression principlewould handle things in this area just fine.


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