Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rand Paul Calls for Raising the Age When Social Security Benefits Begin

Last night in Alabama, Rand Paul told the news media that in order to balance the deficit, he wants to gradually raise the age that senior citizens can receive social security benefits, and lower the amounts allocated to higher income seniors.

Contrast this view with that of his father Ron Paul, who emphasized he would cut overseas spending rather than Social Security benefits (where people have been coerced into making Social Security contributions). Starts at 10:36.

For sure, Ron would want to eventually end SS, but he knows that there is plenty of other cutting that can be done that is far more illegitimate than making SS payments to those who were forced into the system.

Rand's discussion has none of the nuances of his father's take. He comes across as a technocrat, who sees the money isn't there to continue payments with the current structure and thus wants to adjust the structure. This is nothing more than the Alan Greenspan take.

Ron, as per usual, considers the situation in its entirety and provides the full answer.



  1. This is the single best thing Rand has pushed. Any "libertarian" who disagrees is not a libertarian in my book.

    1. Rand was on MSNBC, Ron was. Neither man is a libertarian. Ron is a constitutionalist. Rand is a republican with libertarian leanings.

    2. no its a horrible thing as rather than explaining why americans have been duped into that ludicrous scheme he just describes it as budget cutting thing.

  2. Ron Paul is not a Libertarian? That's news to me.
    Obviously it's too late to tell Rothbard, but RW, you might want to let Lew Rockwell know he has apparently been duped by Ron.

  3. Comparing Rand Paul to Alan Greenspan is like comparing Ron Paul to Vladimir Putin. Give me a break Robert Wenzel