Friday, February 27, 2015

Rand Paul at CPAC: We Must Defend America Against ISIS

Rand Paul at CPAC today:
ISIS is a “dangerous and barbaric cult”. 
“Without question, we must now defend ourselves and American interests from this barbarous aberration of Islam.Without question, we must be strong.” 
Does he really think the US should be concerned about the ISIS ragtag militia of less than 35,000?

Please Rand explain to us how  ISIS is a threat to America, instead of stating it as a given. I don't even think ISIS is a threat to Bermuda.



  1. Rand....ISIS has not invaded the US you dolt.

  2. Which ISIS is Rand referring to? The ISIS that receives US support or the ISIS that the US is claiming to drop bombs on?

    Notice how interventionists frequently use the words 'American interests' to justify their global meddling?

  3. Ok Rand so you and other warmongers feel free to suit up and fight them yourself, stop wanting to take my money for your military adventurism.