Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rand Gets Pounded By NYT

The word must be out, Rand Paul is a target.. He is getting pounded by mainstream media in recent days. Today, it is by NYT,

Of course, he really didn't help his cause by sushing a national television anchor, which resulted in this optic.

Do you think we might see this pic a few more times?

Old man sushing young, talented girl, oh boy.

Here is NYT's Alan Rappeport showing the rest of the media how to handle the story:
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky appeared to stumble on Monday night when he stepped into a controversy over vaccine mandates, but his bigger problem may be a backlash from women.

An interview with Kelly Evans of CNBC became testy when Mr. Paul grew frustrated that the line of questioning was more about vaccines than about taxes, and shushed his interviewer.

Some on social media took Mr. Paul’s tone as a sign of sexism, suggesting that he could face an uphill fight in appealing to female voters if he decides to run for president.



  1. Politics are so petty sometimes.

  2. ....and out today via Drudge is a some planned PR spin by Rand Paul showing him getting a vax booster: obvious. Anyway, some of the comments below the photo are priceless, calling him a sellout, etc.

  3. I'm not a fan of Rand, but the attacks on him this week seem highly orchestrated. Rand is a tool for the establishment to ruin what his father started. They will paint Rand as an extremist to get him to run from his father's positions, which makes Ron seem very extreme. That's the game. Rand is basically the Washington Generals thinking he can win a game with the Harlem Globetrotters.

  4. I watched the full interview. The characterization of Rand is unfair and ridiculous. I say that not supporting the man whatsoever.

    JayS's analysis is spot on on Rand's role.

  5. I suspect the type of women who find shushing a woman on TV, who is in the process of a blatant smear job, to be sexist is the same type of woman who argues that we live in a rape culture and even consensual sex is rape.

  6. It's about time somebody told the media princesses/prima donnas to shut up. Now Rand need to do the same.