Thursday, February 5, 2015

OMG Jeb Bush Says the President He Would Most Emulate is......Wait For It.....LBJ !

By Roger Stone

With Mitt Romney out, former Governor Jeb Bush is the new front runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, as he tries for the third restoration of the House of Bush. Although his Florida backers assure us he governed as a conservative, Jeb actually has actually warned us that, like his brother George W. Bush, he would be a Big Government Republican.

Jeb Bush said the President he would most emulate is not his father, Bush 41 or Ronald Reagan but big government himself ... Lyndon Baines Johnson! According to the Miami Herald in February of 2013, Jeb Bush told several hundred people at a St Leo University that, were he to become president, he would strive to be like LBJ. Putting aside LBJ's lies to the American people about what was really happening in Vietnam, and the first government raid on the Social Security trust funds which was the first step towards the massive federal debt of today, LBJ's expansion of the Welfare State under his 'Great Society" programs started the entitlements bankrupting us today. Bush praised "LBJ’s strong, practical leadership". This is Jeb's role model?

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