Monday, February 2, 2015

Former Ron Paul Operative Joins Bush Campaign

This is not going to surprise a lot of hardcore Ron Paul supporters who were close to Ron Paul's 2012 campaign.

Jon Downs, who worked in the 2012 campaign, has just been picked up by Jeb Bush for his 2016 campaign. Many always suspected that Downs was a mainstream plant in Ron's camapign to keep the campaign from being properly presenting the libertarian message.

According to WaPo, he was brought into Ron's camapign by Trigvy Olsen.

Olsen appears to be a serious overseas CIA-type "regime-change" operative. Justin Raimondo did a great expose on him. SEE: Has the Rand Paul Campaign Been Infiltrated?

How did Olsen come to bring Downs into Ron's camapign? WaPo informs:
In the summer, Trigvy Olsen, a Republican strategist who worked on Rand Paul’s 2010 Senate race, reached out to Chris LaCivita, a GOP strategist best known as media adviser to the Swift Boat Veterans who targeted John Kerry’s presidential campaign, for recommendations for an ad guy for the Ron Paul campaign. He suggested Downs.
If the name LaCivita sounds familiar, it is because Rand Paul just brought him on board as a senior adviser to his presidential campaign.  

Got that?

Olsen, who infiltrates the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, contacts LaCivita for "advice" on who to bring in to the RP camapign. Now, Olsen's go to guy is a Rand senior adviser.



  1. When I saw the title I honestly was expecting for Eric Dondero to be the operative.

  2. Ah, good. Maybe this means that Jeb's campaign is doomed. Really, I view the Bush family as a pox on the American body politic.

  3. this hire certainly tells who jeb bush is afraid of