Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams Will Be History at NBC

Mainstream media is eating one if its own.

There's no way Williams continues at NBC.


NyPo is now reporting:

NBC News has quietly set up a “Brian Williams truth squad” to investigate his tall tales. The unit consists of a handful of producers and reporters who are initially focusing on his now-much-questioned Hurricane Katrina stories. 
After there was no mention of the scandal Thursday on NBC’s morning news calls, including the 9:30 a.m. “Nightly News” call, Williams turned up in person Friday morning to apologize to the news division.
A source tells us, “Brian doesn’t usually come into the office until the afternoon, but he was here this morning in person at the 9 a.m. meeting and call. He told everyone, ‘This one’s on me,’ but the apology still seemed rather half-assed. NBC News president Deborah Turness told the group that she’s spending ‘100 percent of her time, day and night, to sort this out.’”


  1. It doesn't seem implausible to me at all that he actually misremembered this incident or his brain actually made the whole thing up. Millions of people can recall stories of alien abductions, visitations by angels or demons and conversations with god(s). Of course they have no actual, demonstrable, testable evidence. Given the nature of these claims, it is by definition more probable that their brains made false memories, they were simply mistaken, are lying, etc. The point is that the brain is capable of producing false memories and it doesn't seem implausible that this happened in Mr. Williams's case.

    1. yes but those people aren't anchors for TV News and make them look pathetic rather than Mr Williams's self promoting story

  2. Do I detect some sexism at play here? Hillary Clinton survived enemy fire in the Balkans, but Williams is getting turfed for what? The same thing? Plagiarism? Un-accredited sources for his story?

    I'd be waiting for the real story, but we already know what it is. TV News is a dramatic production in the first place. If I watch it at all, it is usually with the sound off. It becomes pretty clear that way, that most of the time it is all about the anchor persons and the reporters.