Sunday, February 22, 2015

ALREADY Powerful Conservative Group Launches Attack Ad Against Jeb Bush...

...charging that he is unelectable becasue he has praised Hillary Clinton.


 The group behind the video is For America. According to National Journal:

 In the last four years, ForAmerica has quietly amassed what it likes to call a "digital army" on Facebook—a force that that now numbers more than 7 million. The group's spectacular growth can be explained in part by the paid acquisition of its members through targeted advertising. But thanks to a daily stream of savvy and snackable red-meat messaging, these mercenaries have become loyal conservative digital soldiers whose engagement is attracting new recruits. These days, a routine post on ForAmerica's page reaches more than 2 million people, achieves more than 100,000 "likes," and has tens of thousands of people repost and comment.

The web site is run by David Bozell and his father Brent.

Brent is the nephew of  of National Review founder, and Murray Rothbard-hater, William F. Buckley.

The Bozells wouldn't say who underwrites ForAmerica, but tax records show that $2.4 million of the $2.52 million the organization raised in 2013 came from a single donor, says NJ.



  1. The screenshot on the video is priceless! Hillary wearing the "Liberty Medal"! Makes me question my commitment to liberty...

  2. Jeb is unelectable because Hillary liked him on Facebook and Hillary is uneclectable because she liked Jeb. Maybe they could both be egged on into fighting on network TV, scratching, pulling hair, rolling on the floor screeching, etc. It would be more entertaining than an election. Hillary could probably beat up Jeb as long as W didn't jump in to help.