Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Lawmaker Wanted to Make It Illegal to Wear Yoga Pants in Montana

Members of the Montana House Judiciary Committee killed the measure Tuesday after Republican Rep. David Moore introduced the bill.

Instead of support, he got laughs, reports ABC 7.

This is a great example, we need to laugh at government officials more often and throw any of their proposals that violate the non-aggression principle in the trash can.



  1. Yes, in addition to laughing at them, lets occasionally make them suffer the "walk of public shame". When a politician betrays the public trust, via fraud, or constitutional abuse, we will try them in an open air public square, and if found guilty, force them to walk naked out thru the crowd. They are also forever barred from any public office, or government job!

    Of course this is only a wonderful dream, I would like to share. #walk-of-shame

  2. Not that I want people to walk around naked but it's somewhat insane that it's illegal to do so when that's the way we're born.