Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A CNBC Libertarian is Lecturing Libertarians on Vaccines, War

Jay Stephenson emails:
A libertarian nobody's heard of is lecturing libertarians on vaccines, war
I read this article by  CNBC's Jake Novak  about how about "we"libertarians need to be more mainstream and "we" libertarians shouldn't oppose vaccine laws and all wars.  Who the hell is JakeNovak?  I've never heard of him in libertarian circles.

A libertarian argument FOR vaccine laws http://www.cnbc.com/id/102413507#.


  1. The supervising producer for "Power Lunch" is a Libertarian?!?!?

    I'd say start the countdown till he gets the ax, but since he is clearly trying to confuse people on what the L word means.....I'll bet he makes are couple more Rand Paulian type posts like this.

  2. LOL, this guy is just the "libertarian" they like. He's completely toothless.

  3. I've noticed a trend of more and more people who are fed up with republicans and democrats calling themselves "libertarians." They think that libertarian just means fiscally conservative and socially liberal. This Jake Novak isn't a libertarian. He's a populist. Instead of suckling at the teat of the rent seekers, he's directing his populism at conservatives.

  4. I flatter myself that I've been heard of in "libertarian circles." And, yet, I take a different point of view on this matter:

    Block, Walter E. 2013. “Forced Vaccinations.” February 4;