Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Went Down When I Worked for the Partially Koch-Funded Reason Magazine

 David Weigel writes today in Bloomberg:
 The Cato wing of the libertarian movement was slow to embrace Ron Paul. In 2007, when I worked for the partially Koch-funded Reason magazine, the worry was that Paul's brand of populist, Federal Reserve-bashing libertarianism was not the best way to sell the philosophy. Obviously, it wasn't as hooky as the laissez faire, culturally plugged-in Cato/Reason style.

This proved spectacularly wrong. Paul became a historic figure, a man whose 30-minute speeches about the Fed could bring crowds of 1,000-odd college students into campus gyms. He went on the Tonight Show and Bill Maher's show, sometimes accompanied backstage by close aide and Mises scholar Lew Rockwell....Paul fans who mocked the "Kochtopus" and the "Orange Line Mafia" as accommodating, unsuccessful advocates declared victory.

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  1. Huh, and he was the leading shmearmeister at Reason. Better late than never I guess....