Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is Really Going on in France with Freedom of Speech?

Judge Napolitano explains:
In France, you can go to jail if you publicly express hatred for a group whose members may be defined generally by characteristics of birth, such as gender, age, race, place of origin or religion.

You can also go to jail for using speech to defy the government. This past weekend, millions of folks in France wore buttons and headbands that proclaimed in French: “I am Charlie Hebdo.” Those whose buttons proclaimed “I am not Charlie Hebdo” were asked by the police to remove them. Those who wore buttons that proclaimed, either satirically or hatefully, “I am Kouachi” were arrested. Arrested for speech at a march in support of free speech? Yes.

What’s going on here? What’s going on in France, and what might be the future in America, is the government defending the speech with which it agrees and punishing the speech with which it disagrees.


  1. yet are they arresting the muslims for saying they should kill any non-believer etc? threatening others... oh let me guess... it's protected under "religion" and a double standard like here in the US

  2. Well they did arrest ppl for cheering the attscks (AP doesnt say who or what religion) 60 secs of google research