Friday, January 9, 2015

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Let me understand this.

In France, in a predominately Roman Catholic country, the French government set up a policy allowing immigrants from Muslim countries to pour into the country. The Muslims came, hoping for a better life. But the socialist policies of the French government are suffocating the economy and unemployment levels for all are in double digit rates, never mind the rate for Muslim immigrants. The Muslims immigrants in France, in other words, see little opportunity.

At the same time, the French government sides with The Empire and supports with military personnel, and equipment, attacks against Muslims in Muslim countries.

Back in France, the unemployed Muslims, who see France involved in attacks on Muslim countries also see French satirists making fun on their God.

What could possibly go wrong?

The solution here is really quite simple. Unwind French government international adventures in league with the Empire, and on the homefront remove restrictions on the economy and, finally, stop welfare support for immigrants which make France a desired destination, even for those without jobs.



  1. They're doing the same thing in Italy, although not as overtly as Rome is so bankrupt it can barely keep Berlusconi in mistresses.

    The emigrants to Italy are primarily from the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, still reeling from the Clinton-era wars. Funny, that it isn't the first wave of migrants from that part of the world to come to the Italian peninsula, as many escaped the Turks in the middle ages. Those people were allowed to prosper.

  2. No time for thinking and logic when there's feelings to be had and self-righteous violence to indulge in.

    1. Well, you can always rely on other people to do some of the logical thinking for you!

      I recommend

  3. These nations leadership are working for corporate masters and not their respective citizenry. Therefore, it's the game of divide and conquer to cover the legislative track that sell out the populace. And if you can't find a good incision point at which to divide, then import.