Monday, January 12, 2015

U.S. Mainstream Media In Full Idolatry Mode

By Chris Rossini

The mainstream media is in full idolatry mode today. Yesterday's Paris march was led by a cavalry of hypocrites, yet Obama was not in attendance.

American pundits are all puffing out their feathers, showing off their new "Free Speech" tattoos, and their Grand Master let them down.

Greta van Susteren wanted her representative in Paris "representing" her. The fact that every Presidential burp costs you and I countless millions surely doesn't get calculated into her desire. A trip to Paris to march with so many people would've surely cost a fistful of Treasury bonds.

Jake Tapper is thoroughly "ashamed" and says that:
"Even Russia sent Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov." (my emphasis).
Ron Fournier says:
"Had there been an attack on U.S. soil while Obama marched in Paris, I would have wondered whether the president and his team had taken their eyes off the ball...The conservative Outrage Machine would have demanded impeachment proceedings."
Presidential idolatry has reached the level where Obama's mere presence in the U.S. thwarts attacks. Sadly, I have to agree with Fournier on one point. So jaded and blunted are conservatives, that they actually would come to such an asinine conclusion.

Both sides of American punditry idolize the golden calf paper calf and its magical powers, and it's on full display today.

While the opinion molders are busy bickering over this non-issue, government leaders are preparing to ratchet up the surveillance of everyone.

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