Monday, January 19, 2015

Thomas Sowell Was Probably Not Impressed With Rand Paul's Reach Out to Al Sharpton

This probably did not go over big with Thomas Sowell.

In a January 21, 2004 letter, Sowell wrote:
Today, I am told the government is issuing a Paul Robeson stamp. Earlier, the Bush administration proclaimed Kwanzaa. For reasons unknown and utterly baffling to me, the Republicans seem to think that the way to make inroads into the black vote is to approach from the left. Nor is this the first time that this approach has been taken---witness Senator Lott's going on Black Entertainer TV and Jack Kemp's urging him to schmooze with Kweisi Mfume and the like. 
Those black voters whom the Republicans have the best chance of detaching from the Democrats are unlikely to be thrilled by Kwanzaa or Paul Robeson and some may be repelled. -From A Man of Letters by Thomas Sowell

Note: It is interesting that Sowell specifically mentions Kemp, since it seems Rand is in many ways mimicking Kemp's confused approach to reaching out to the black community.


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