Monday, January 12, 2015

This Guy That is Mayor of NYC

By Robert Wenzel

Bill deBlasio is mayor of NYC. I hope someone clips the stories about this man and sticks them in a time capsule. It is the only way anyone is going to believe this tale.

First, it should be noted that the white deBlasio is married to a self-proclaimed black lesbian, Chirlane McCray .

McCray wrote an essay in the September 1979 issue of Essence Magazine, "I Am a Lesbian."

In her essay, she wrote:
Coming to terms with my life as a lesbian has been easier for me than it has been for many. Since I don't look or dress like the stereotypical bulldagger,

It is not completely clear, if she is saying she is sort of an undercover bullagger. though she does say in the article she is a lesbian "take charge" type.

Here's how Urban Dictionary defines a bulldagger:
1.  A masculine identifying lesbian; usually African American.
2. Hardcore lesbian; Lesbians who constantly seek and search for straight women to "Turn out"
I present the mayor's wife Chirlane McCray:

But lets move beyond deBlasio's personal life, though if it wasn't her perhaps undercocver bulldagger swagger it was probably Chirlane's radical politics that caught deBlasio's attention. While studying at Wellesley College (1972), she became a member of the Combahee River Collective. 

The Collective developed a multidimensional analysis recognizing a "simultaneity of oppressions"; refusing to rank oppressions based on race, class and gender. According to author and academic Angela Davis, this analysis drew on earlier Black Marxist and Black Nationalist movements, and was anti-racist and anti-capitalist in nature.
deBlasio is, if noting else, a radical leftist.  In 1987, after completing graduate school at Columbia, he was hired to work as a political organizer by the Quixote Center in Maryland. In 1988, he traveled with the Quixote Center to Nicaragua for 10 days to help distribute food and medicine during the Nicaraguan Revolution. De Blasio was an ardent supporter of the ruling leftist Sandinista government, technically the socialist democratic Sandinista National Liberation Front

After returning from Nicaragua, de Blasio moved to New York City, where he worked for a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care in Central America. He continued to support the Sandinistas in his spare time, joining a group called the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which held meetings and fundraisers for the Sandinista political party.

During his tenure, at NYC's General Welfare Committee, he passed the Benefits Translation for Immigrants Law, which helped non-English speakers receive free language-assistance services when accessing government programs. While on the city council, he passed legislation to prevent landlord discrimination against tenants who held federal housing subsidy vouchers,

Bottom line: deBlasio is a complete lefty interventionist, who holds no respect for private property or private transactions. It's take and take from earners, to be run through the government with the remains to be passed out to the chosen.

He won the 2013 NYC mayoral race largely because of the split vote among 9 different candidates. The support of the the Barack Obama Democratic Club of Upper Manhattan as well as New York City's largest trade union, SEIU Local 1199, put him over the top. Also, celebrities such as Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker endorsed him.

NYT was also excited about his lefty positions:
The elevation of an assertive, tax-the-rich liberal to the nation's most prominent municipal office has fanned hopes that hot-button causes like universal prekindergarten and low-wage worker benefits... could be aided by the imprimatur of being proved workable in New York.
But now, as mayor, deBlasio has a big problem. In socialist dictatorship 101, they teach you that you have to keep the police and military on your side. Without them, dictators can't dictate and enforce. The problem: deBlasio is something of an anti-copper dictator. It's a confusing place to be. It's the government equivalent of marrying a lesbian bulldagger.

You can't be a major league interventionist, if the police aren't going to co-operate---and they are not going to co-operate with deBlasio.

NYT reports:
Not long after Mayor Bill de Blasio sat beside the Rev. Al Sharpton at a July summit meeting on police reform, a political adviser gave the mayor a blunt assessment: You have a problem with the cops.
Rank-and-file officers felt disrespected by the mayor, the adviser explained, and were dismayed to see Mr. Sharpton, a longtime critic of the New York Police Department, embraced at City Hall....
When a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the officer in the Garner case, Mr. de Blasio pursued what his team believed was a responsible, middle-of-the-road position.
Aware that anti-police demonstrations could ensue, the mayor said it was not his place to criticize the grand jury’s decision...
In an impassioned speech, Mr. de Blasio said that he and his wife, who is black, had to instruct their son, Dante, about the “dangers he may face” in an encounter with the police. The mayor had no prepared text, and some of what he said was off-the-cuff; aides refused to say if he had planned to speak about his son...
[P]olice union leaders took his remarks as an insult that betrayed his true feelings...
 [When] two officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were fatally shot in Brooklyn while sitting in their patrol car. The assailant, a mentally ill man from Baltimore, had pledged on Instagram to put “wings on pigs.”
The raw fury from union leaders after the shootings caught City Hall by surprise.
Patrick J. Lynch, president of the 24,000-member Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said there was “blood on the hands” of the mayor, and prompted officers to turn their back on the mayor as he entered a hospital to console the slain officers’ families.
During the funerals of Liu and Ramos the police turned their backs on deBlasio:

So what does this unhappy standoff between the Mayor and the NYPD mean for the people of NYC? Less harassment and fewer shakedowns.

The NYPD have implemented something of a work slowdown.

The number of arrests across the city last week plunged to just over 2,000 – compared to over 5,000 during the same time one year ago – with parking- and driving-related tickets down more than 90 percent, according to NYPD data. There has also been a drop in new inmates, with only 618 entering the system compared to over 1,000 a year ago.

NYC-based Matt Taibbi told RT
The police, in this slowdown, they are halting handing out parking tickets, which are enormously lucrative for the city, and they are also not doing these ‘quality of life’ summonses, which are a huge hardship on the people who get them but make significantly less money for the city. So there are two different things going on here.
It definitely is a revenue driver for the city, this mass regime of handing out tickets. It does strike the ear a little bit funny when you hear police union leaders talking about how we are only to going to arrest people when we ‘have to.’ It seems like that should be the real function of police generally. If they are ticketing and arresting people when they don’t have to, then something’s up, and that’s not right.
Taibbi said the slowdown demonstrates how police officers are used to make up for tax shortfalls with ticket and citation revenue.

And there you have it, frontline government enforcers pissed off at the government leadership and their lack of support for the frontline enforcers. What a beautiful way to start 2015, police hating the mayor and leaving most of the rest of New Yorkers alone, with NYC revenues crashing.

NYT reports:
In recent days, Mr. de Blasio has sounded downcast, according to aides who have spoken with him. The manager of his mayoral campaign has returned to help. And his team is considering focus groups and a poll to refine the mayor’s message to New Yorkers who may have soured on him.
A depressed dictator, sweet.

 Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher at and at Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics


  1. I was going to post a comment, but I am speechless. If these are the kinds of people we choose to lead us, we are lost.

    They have every right to live their lives as they see fit as long as they do not harm others. But they are harming others and are unfit to lead. Time to step down...

    1. It's not "we"...just remember that...even if it's a majority it's not "we".

  2. I love it when the state fights among itself