Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The State's Bread & Butter Issues

By Chris Rossini

That that the State of the Union is over, the two branches of the one-party state have retreated to their keyboards. The theme from each side stick out like a sore thumb to me.

The right is focusing on the "War on Terror":

And the left is zeroing in on what Obama called the 'greatest threat' to future generations..."Climate Change":

In my opinion, there's a darn good reason why the "War on Terror" and "Climate Change" are relentlessly shoved in the American public's face. These two issues are the bread & butter issues for the two parties. They are two poisonous fangs from same venomous snake.

Both the "War & Terror" and "Climate Change" are extremely vague. Both are open-ended. Neither have a specific endgame. Just those two characteristics are an authoritarians dream. Which leads to the coup de grace:

Both give government the ability to steal as much liberty as possible. It doesn't matter which party is in power, you're going to get one of these venomous fangs stuck right into what's left of your freedom. Often you'll get the other fang too, just maybe a smaller dose of its poison.

Both allow government to get into the minutia of your life and regulate it without end. So far, "Climate Change" has been a tougher sell on the American public because government is asking you to trust them and use your imagination as to how life would be when the Earth turns into a fireball (or ice cube) depending on the year.

If "Climate Change" is ever really swallowed hook-line-and-sinker, government's ability to monitor everything you do will be extraordinary. You like those Nike sneakers? Well, according to governments scientists, they create X amount of "climate change". Government has to tax those sneakers heavily to discourage you and your Earth destroying ways. Nothing will will be off-limits to the authoritarian State.

Here's one bright possible bright spot, the two venomous fangs are "funded" by The Federal Reserve. It's only a matter of time before economic law cuts this snake into pieces. How much time is anyone's guess. Fortunately for everyone, economic law never fails.


  1. True, Chris. Bread&Butter issues are easily identified by the buzz phrases assigned to them.

  2. The original statist wild cards were a) the baseless claims that "market failure" caused the Great Depression while government spending and funny money cured it; and b) The insinuation that regime of Jim Crow was caused by "capitalism".

    The first claim led to the complete abolition of any limitations upon the powers of the federal government which no court will ever restrict. It's now all a matter of the discretion of the legislature. No one (certainly no one teaching in law schools) has ever heard the idea that the Great Depression might have been a hangover of monetary shenanigans beginning in WWI. The second provided the government with almost unlimited authority to review and punish any voluntary transaction for alleged "racism".

    1. Seems the arguments against freedom have switched from morality based (which failed) to fear based. That's all the War on Terror and AGW arguments are. Attempts to scare you into forfeiting your freedom so that Big Brother can protect you good and hard.

  3. Climate change is also harder to sell because people don't see it. The lefties started blaming climate change for every bit of fowl weather, but people don't see any appreciable or dangerous change. However, with the war on terror, it's very easy to put pictures and videos all over the news of islamofascists lopping people's heads off and holding up AK47s and Qurans. And then plaster videos of those guys shooting up Charlie Hedbo or post stories about Ft Hood, etc. It's much easier to objectively prove that terrorism exists and that terrorists harm people. And it's very hard for people to see the harm caused by fighting terrorism, whereas people see their energy prices going up and the eagles getting whacked by the wind mills, or the jobs lost to EPA regulations and restrictions like not allowing the Keystone XL pipeline.