Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Hack Attack on Sony, The Attack in Paris and Government Opportunists

I see where government opportunists are using the recent hack attack on Sony and the killings in Paris of  Charlie Hebdo satirists, as an opportunity to raise national defiance against those who "hate our freedoms." Puhleeze.

The fact of the matter is that both Sony employees and Charlie Hebdo employees pissed people off. This, in itself is not a good or bad thing. When you piss people off, they might come back at you. If you don't want to deal with blowback, then don't do the deed. The government is not going to be there to protect you when the blowback occurs.

Piss off crazed people and the blowback is likely to be crazed, as it was in Paris. The Charlie Hebdo employees clearly miscalculated the threat they faced. They have paid dearly.

As I say, there is nothing wrong with pissing people off, just know that if you do so, you face the possibility of a response. I for one like to see a good mix up and give and take. I am the first to grab an extra bucket of popcorn, but if the blowback gets out of hand, I sure as hell don't want the government to use my tax dollars to do a major league posing and posturing game "to protect our freedoms." That's BS. In the real world, blowback is a real thing at many different levels. If you don't have the balls to deal with blowback, then don't play the game in the first place.

I feel absolutely no threat from the attackers at the Charlie Hebdo office. It's a terrible thing as to what happened, but the lesson learned is that if you piss people off they may very well come after you and you better be prepared.

The further lesson is that government officials are opportunists that will cling to any tragedy and pretend they are going to help stop such things in the future, while they reach into your pocket and pull out more of your money. Those are the criminals I fear. Their attacks are entirely unprovoked but are sustained.



  1. Funny irony. When a group of police lash out against a guy who had the gall to challenge their authority by telling them to stop harassing them, ending in his death, lots of people said, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." But when a group of muslims lash out against a newspaper for daring to make light of their profit, those same people cry out about the inherent violence of the muslim community. Only the libertarians seem to be decrying both for responding to non-violence with violence.

    1. libertarianism is the only political ism we have where (at least some/most) people derive their stance on individual issues from principle. Other political isms bring about stances on individual issues through feelings and beliefs, hence their inconsistency.

  2. make fun of obama and get audited by the IRS (plus #2 below)

    make fun of anybody that is a minority (ironically soon white will be the minority) gay, fat, any religion other then christian and get labeled a racist hate monger and any dozen other classifications - get ruined financially, professionally and socially

    make fun of right wing, conservatives, gun supporters etc and get celebrated by the government, media and all the left wing loons

    the left wing don't see that they are already on the path to islamic retribution - yet it is ok for the left

    1. globally, asian is the majority, always has been.

  3. "They hate our freedumbs." There, fixed it for ya. Commence two minute hate now.

  4. How has gun control been working out for the French? Has the state sponsored media made any mention that gun control had disarmed the law abiding and prevented them from defending themselves but did nothing to keep AK47s and RPGs out of the hands of criminals? It's gun free zones that have made such large scale massacres possible.