Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rand Paul Named to Roger Stone Worst Dressed List

Roger Stone writes:
The Senator dresses like a college student. He owns no natural fiber garments. His shirt collars never fit. He has been seen wearing sneakers with a suit. The fusing in his pasted together suits has begun to bubble from dry cleaning. Nothing is pressed. NOTHING. And that hair gel. Ghastly. To have a shot at being President, he has to begin dressing like one.


  1. Roger Stone write:

    Rand Paul – His ideas interest us. We like his stand on drug law reform, restoration of our civil liberties, and an end to “endless war.” Paul’s clothes? Not so much.

  2. If he was more like a his father I wouldn't care if he wore shorts and a beanie.

  3. In my opinion Rand Paul is a trying to run on the basis of a fraud, that the Republican party was ever going to accept libertarian principals, and libertarian leaning committee men. Over the past seven years this has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have been a lie fostered by his father. Ron Paul's followers were encouraged to dream that melding two diametrically opposing concepts of governance could ever be come a political reality.

    Rand Paul must be stuck in a hot tub time machine that has him honestly believing that America is fixed permanently in 1965. He seems to have no concept of demographics, and how that the white evangelical christians he is politically wedded to have declined with every generation for 100 years. Christianity no longer has a dominate place in the electoral picture accept for a couple of early primary states, and is in slow but near terminal decline.

    The 2010 census showed that the American Nuclear family is fast disappearing from 49 states, and has a final redoubt in Utah. Single person households vastly outnumber intact families as a percentage of households in a large number of American metropolitan areas. But Rand and his familial brain trust (Jesse Benton) seem to be a couple of clueless southern rubes who still wear clip on ties, and have an abiding faith that an attenuated political legacy will trump stark demographic realities in 2015.

    Rand Paul is destined to know the smell of victory in the morning only if he stumbles on a clue, and swallows being nothing more the Jeb Bush's token errand boy to eternally lost dreamers of a Libertarian-Republican Party.