Monday, January 26, 2015

Mitt Is Hustling The Left

By Chris Rossini

David Corn has some entertainment over at Mother Jones: The headline reads: "Why Liberals Should Embrace Romney the Progressive Champion".

Corn writes:
It is time for liberals to cheer Mitt Romney.

Not because his possible entry into the 2016 Republican presidential contest could cause chaos for the GOP. But because Romney, apparently seeing the error of his "severely conservative" ways, has become a progressive public remarks, Romney has been sounding like a born-again lefty. At an investment management conference in Utah this week, Romney told the crowd that a new-and-improved candidate Romney would focus on climate change, poverty, and education.
Hey liberals....Romney is hustling you. Have you already forgotten the last run that Mitt made for the crown? Flip-flop Romney YouTubes were all the rage.

Apparently, your religious adoration of politicians has clouded your vision. Let me explain to you how it works:

Becoming ruler of the land of War & Welfare is a lot like opening a master lock.

Sometimes you turn the BS dial to the left, and sometimes you turn it right. The goal is to find the right combination of lies and deceptions that get you votes. If you're able to crack that code, the crown is placed onto your head.

The goal is power. Whatever you have say, yoi say. They're just words after all. In politics, as opposed to the real world, your word is not your bond. You're not held to anything once you have the crown. You're not obligated to do anything.

"Climate Change" is the leftist twin of the "War on Terror". They both lead to extraordinary government power.

Do you think Mitt cares which he has to use to get to the White House?

He's hustling you liberals to see if he can crack the code. By the end of the campaign Mitt needs to make sure that he turns the BS dial more skillfully than his competitors (who are exactly like him).

After all the votes are counted, and all the vote-rigging is factored in, Mitt wants to see his name in lights!

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