Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meteorologists Blow It, But Rand Paul Plows On

NyPo reports:
Meteorologists across the Northeast were scrambling to get back in good graces with the public on Tuesday — apologizing on Twitter for forecasting the “historic blizzard” that never was.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” tweeted National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Szatkowski. “This is a big forecast miss.”

South Jersey’s NBC Channel 40 weatherman Adam Rutt added, “No other way to put it…this was a major bust of a forecast, the biggest in my short career. I was wrong…very wrong…and I am sorry.”
The powerful winter storm that was supposed to hammer the Big Apple and other parts of the metropolitan area overnight Monday turned out to be a lackluster headache that dropped merely inches of snow — despite forecasts which called for more than 2 feet in some parts of New York and New Jersey. “Alright, this dunce is headed to bed,” tweeted CBS Philadelphia meteorologist Kate Bilo. “Lots more snow chances ahead as the cold gets locked in. We’ll get the next one.”
Keep in mind they blew this call on weather that was right on top of them, only hours away. And yet on the same day, Rand Paul (an ophthalmologist by training!) promotes a bill in the Senate that is based on his forecasts, decades out, if not centuries, on weather and climate. Are Rand Paul and Al Gore really serious about these outrageous climate forecasts, which are extremely more complex and difficult than simple weather forecasts, or are they blowing smoke at the masses? SEE: Rand Paul Joins Al Gore in AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) Propaganda.



  1. Looks like the Tarot cards were off on this one! LMAO... Maybe they should have used a Ouija board?

  2. All the raw weather data comes from one source, NOAA, which is a governmental agency. Moreover, the forecasting methods are all standardized. So if you're using crummy input and your analysis tools are crap, what do you expect to happen?