Friday, January 9, 2015

Male Superiority

The College Board released 2014 SAT college-entrance test results in October and confirmed a continuing and uninterrupted trend that dates back to at least 1972 — high school boys outperformed girls on the 2014 SAT math test with an average score of 530 points compared to the average score of 499 for females, see chart above. The statistically significant 31-point male advantage last year on the SAT math test is one point lower than the 32-point difference in 2013, and just slightly below the 34 point difference over the last two decades favoring boys. In terms of percentile ranking, the average test score for male high school students (530) last year represented the 55th percentile of all students. By comparison, the average female test score (499) was slightly below the 45th percentile ranking for all students .

Writes Mary Perry:
Despite the clear and convincing statistical evidence from the math SAT test results by gender, gender activists like Professor Janet Hyde at the University of Wisconsin continue to claim that “There just aren’t gender differences anymore in math performance.” The SAT math test results for 2014 and for every year since 1972 suggest otherwise and “beg to differ,” Professor Hyde.

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  1. Well, that test was obviously written by men for men. OK, OK, OK... But seriously, something's got to be done about that test to demonstrate the fact that women love math just as much as men. Maybe we can make some of the answers a bit more subjective...