Sunday, January 25, 2015

Justin Raimondo Asks the Biq Question About Sexstein

As more news develops surrounding the sexplotations  of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his network, Justin Raimondo starts to connect a few dots:

 Ghislaine Maxwell. who is mentioned in the first link provided by Raimondo, is identified by the sexploited accuser as the procurer of young girls for  Epstein, et al.

 Ghislaine  is the daughter of Robert Maxwell. Robert, according to the details provided in the final Raimondo link appears to have been a  agent for Mossad. In 1991, he died mysteriously. His body was discovered floating in the Atlantic Ocean near his yacht. He was buried in Israel.


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  1. Dershowitz is out with a video calling the female accuser a serial liar and prostitute. But if she is a serial liar and prostitute, why would she name Dershowitz in particular as having raped her but not Bill Clinton or some of the other powerful people Epstein was associated with aside from Prince Andrew?