Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jennifer Rubin: Rand Paul Has Hung Himself

You knew this was going to happen.

WaPo's resident female warmonger Jennifer Rubin is on the case of the recent Rand hire (and soon to be fired) 'Libertarian Girl'   :
The Free Beacon reports: “A blogger who has been hired to do social media work for Sen. Rand Paul’s (R., Ky.) likely presidential campaign is not a fan of ‘stupid armchair jingoes’ in the Republican Party, says Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) ‘will use anything to satisfy his blood lust,’ and wants Edward Snowden to receive a Nobel Peace prize, according to her Facebook page.” She also adds this brilliant turn of phrase: “Side note: A big f*** you to Lindsey Graham and John McCain.”

I asked whether the blogger would continue working for Paul, whether Paul agreed with her views, who hired her and whether she was vetted. Senior adviser Doug Stafford refused to answer these questions and repeated the talking points in the original story: “[Marianne] Copenhaver was hired to do part-time social media and graphic design work for the senator’s political action committee, RandPAC, and has no involvement in policy or writing. I would imagine we will have plenty of contractors for non policy work with whom we don’t agree, nor are we responsible for their personal views.” That is entirely and obviously non-responsive. When I pressed him to answer, he claimed it did not matter because she did not write or do policy for Paul. Instead he insisted, “She is not a “Rand Paul Blogger” she does design and web work for RANDPAC.” That would be Paul’s PAC, a distinction that will escape a lot of people.

She apparently was important enough in Paul World, according to the Free Beacon report, to  travel “with Paul and his staff to Las Vegas last week to test out social media ideas from the road.”...

But whatever the reason, Paul World seems not to have learned from or is incapable of preventing incidents such as the Southern Avenger one. This is not a political operation that is capable of running a credible presidential campaign. It is unimaginable Paul would survive the Clinton attack machine. A senior operative in another GOP hopeful’s campaign remarked, “That dude is going to hang himself.” I think he already has.


  1. This, of course, is why we can't ever expect one of the major political parties to ever improve. If someone who does represent an improvement does bend the knee and fellate the establishment, even the worst of the establishment, they will be discarded. Ron Paul was passed off as coo-coo even though he made the most sense of anyone because he criticized the establishment. Rand hires staffers who are critical of the establishment and will get the same treatment. The incentive, if you want to win so that you can make a difference, is to go along with the establishment and tow the party line, but this just means that nobody who wants to make a difference will ever get the power needed to make that difference.

    1. I see two ways out, 1) Throw all current politicians out of office after the ever growing economic crises(if they let it happen that way) 2) I suspect they will start a major war to cover their asses before they lose complete control. Either way, the American people are in for a rough ride, bigger than anything the last 3-4 generations have witnessed.

  2. The election is 22 months away and a lot can happen in that time, perhaps the economic doomsday itself. That could have Rand Paul winning hands down. I give it 10:1 odds against.

  3. I'm assuming Jennifer Rubin is single since she's an unabashed psychopath who doesn't necessarily have it going on in the looks department? And I'm no fan of Rand either, but she has a creepy and disturbing obsession with him.

  4. Politics is a lot of tabloid sensationalism. It's no wonder a guy like Ron Paul, with his deep study of economic theory and history, really never fit in. I'd like to believe the country can change, but it's hard to see improvement coming from DC.