Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jeb Bush Does San Francisco

Jeb Bush spoke yesterday at  the National Automotive Dealers Association conference in San Francisco.

This event was one of Bush's final paid appearances before the start of an expected presidential campaign.

Bush called President Barack Obama's health care law a "monstrosity" and a "job killer." Without naming specific executive actions, he said the next occupant of the White House should "roll back the things where the president has gone beyond his constitutional authority."

He didn't specify if the next president should also roll back the government interventions instituted by his brother that went beyond constitutional authority, when he was president.

Hillary Clinton was a keynote speaker at last year’s auto dealers convention, in New Orleans, where she disclosed that she had not driven a car in nearly 20 years.



  1. "Jeb Bush Does San Francisco"

    San Francisco bends over and smiles coyly...

  2. I think we've had more than enough Bush presidents thank you very much.