Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is the Fix In?

Will Ben Carson beat out Rand Paul for the VP position?

Rupert Murdoch with a very strong tweet for Carson:
He has never sent a tweet out about Rand like this, even though he spent an entire day with him.



  1. Rupert who? Morlock???

  2. My suspicion is that the establishment wants Rand to run to ruin what his father started. They know Rand will implode and get beat out by the other neocon candidates by a wide margin, so they'll then lump both Ron and Rand together and say the country is too grown up to go with a candidate who is going to put the country's national security at risk. There might even be a false flag type attack that would strengthen the likelihood that a Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton could get elected. Either that or they'll try to get a Marco Rubio type candidate elected by disguising him as representing new and fresh ideas when he's really just an old school neocon.

  3. Wait until NAGR goes after Carson for his public, nonsensical antigun views in Iowa, NH and SC. This will be the under the radar campaign that the mainstream media will completely miss. As usual. Remember candidates..
    if you get in a fight with a pig in the mud, you get dirty and the pig likes it. Plus Rand will sit on the sidelines above the fray looking good by compsrison. Just an FYI.