Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Attended One of The NHL's State Propaganda Nights

By Chris Rossini

A few nights ago, I went to an NHL hockey game. Little did I know it was "National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day". And boy was there some serious "appreciation" being shown.

The national anthem had a cadre of "law enforcers" surrounding the singer. That I expected.

But it didn't stop there.

Several times, throughout the game, the big screen in the arena would put up law enforcers who were sitting in their seats so that the crowd could clap as the law enforcers watched the game.

In between periods, there were hockey jersey giveaways. Who were they given to? You got enforcers! The crowd clapped with great joy.

Hopefully next year, when I go to a game, I'll get tickets for when entrepreneurs are honored for solving life's most urgent problems. Or perhaps the game where libertarians are honored for living peacefully and keeping our hands off our neighbor's lives and property.

Now if I can only find the dates for those games....I'm sure the NHL will have them scheduled.

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