Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daily Beast Examines the Big Question: 'Is Libertarian Girl Rand Paul’s Problem Waiting to Happen?'

Rand with Libertarian Graphics Girl

Rand Paul's 'Libertarian Girl,' Marianne Copenhaver,  is now officially an issue. Three main stream outlets columnists have taken the time to discuss her past writings.

In those writings, she has made stronger, sounder and clearer comments against war than Rand Paul ever has, and MSM wants to know if Rand is going to stand by her because of those comments. Alana Goodman at the Washington Free Beacon, Jennifer Rubin at WaPo and Olivia Nuzzi at the Daily Beast have all now weighed in. They are not likely to be the last.

The latest developments come via Nuzzi who writes in an essay titled, Is Libertarian Girl Rand Paul’s Problem Waiting to Happen?:
When Rand Paul stepped out of his SUV in the parking lot of the Peppermill Restaurant in Las Vegas last Friday, he was trailed by a woman with bright white hair who looked like a cross between a campaign operative and a fairy.... Copenhaver said she talks to Paul directly to “discuss things that we want to do with social media.”

While inside the Peppermill, I watched as Copenhaver drafted a tweet on her iPhone from Paul’s personal Senate account. She showed it to  [top Rand political adviser Doug] Stafford for approval, and he gave her the go-ahead to send it to the senator’s 534,000 followers.
In the first sign that 'Libertarian Girl' has sent out her last  tweet for Rand. Stafford is now portraying  'Libertarian Girl' as simply 'Graphics Girl'.

Nuzzi reports:
 Asked if Copenhaver would be fired, Stafford, who is from Long Island, texted: “Fire my graphic and web designer for old Facebook comments? Y’all are more than a little crazy, you know that right?”
Graphics Girl, for her part, has now issued the obligatory apology for her, well, graphic statements about the warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham:
 I don’t think it is fair to have my old Facebook comments scrutinized by the media. Those comments were made long before I worked for Senator Paul. I’m sure neither Graham nor McCain will lose any sleep over my comments but for what it’s worth I am sorry. 

Yes,  Marianne life is sometimes unfair and it is terrible that if you survive in the Rand camapign at all, it is only because you are going to be muzzled because of your truthful words on the wars of the Empire, and that you will  be relegated to design work. perhaps assigned to come up with a great graphic that displays Rand's alliance with neocon Barbara Boxer on a "moderate" position on sanctions against Iran.



  1. This is such a prime example of how Rand is controlled. The Washpo, Daily Beast, and Washington Free Beacon are all your typical Bilderberg media types who always do coordinated attacks. But notice they aren't saying Rand might have the same problem for his association with Jesse Benton.

  2. "I’m sure neither Graham nor McCain will lose any sleep over my comments but for what it’s worth I am sorry."

    Translation: For what its worth, I have no principles. My statements about Graham and McCain, while true, do not represent who I am. The potential power, wealth and notoriety associated with a political campaign supersedes any principled stand I might have purported to hold in the past. I am for sale and will proceed accordingly.

  3. I see it as the opposite. I think Rand secretly agrees with Libertarian Girl and others he has hired (and fired) in the past that have more pure libertarian leanings. Same goes for ditching his dad. Maybe he's just doing whatever he can to get elected, including satisfying the neocon WaPos and DBs of the world, so he can get into office and only then reveal his true colors. If this is his strategy, I'm 100% behind him, but obviously there's no way to know for sure if this is what he's doing.

  4. It's part of the game. Portray one's self as a moderate and then selectively reveal true thinking/actions when elected. Examples off the top of my head: FDR and Obama. Rand is 99% of his Dad and Ron has repeatedly stated this. I trust Ron’s judgment.

  5. Wasn't John Edwards "downfall girl" a very pretty blonde "media expert"?