Thursday, January 22, 2015

COPPER ESCALATION: SFPD Attempt to Throw Wheelchair Bound Man Off Curb

The San Francisco police internal affairs unit is investigating an incident in which an officer was filmed as he apparently tried to tip a man out of his wheelchair.

Have I mentioned it makes no sense to directly confront coppers?



  1. You're right: I try to avoid any contact whatsoever with any cop at any time. Late last year, a neighbor of mine was abducted and murdered. Cops came by and knocked on my door during their investigation. I just pretended I wasn't home. I didn't know anything about the neighbor or her killing, so why even talk to them?

  2. The guy in the motorized chair (is he disabled?) is clearly trying to confront the officers. I think that this is a waste of your perfectly good blog space Robert.

  3. the uniformed police have become what they accuse so many others of being, an organized crime syndicate with full immunity from a compliant political agenda. They are nothing more than thugs and bullies, and yet they expect to get "respect". If you want respect show respect.