Monday, January 26, 2015

Chris Christie Takes Big Step Toward Presidential Run

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has filed paperwork  with the FEC to form the "Leadership Matters for America" political action committee,WSJ is reporting.

Christie is staffing up and plans several political trips in February, according to the report, and a website for the new PAC is set to go live.. Christie aides told WSJ the PAC will allow the governor to bring donors on board.

Though he has not officially declared his candidacy, Christie is expected in the near future to makes stops for fundraising in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and California. He is also scheduled to speak at Republican dinner events in Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire in February. He travels in his capacity as governor to the United Kingdom on a New Jersey mission this coming weekend.



  1. I don't know if a fat man is electable anymore with the advent of TV now.

    Even though many Americans are fat, they are somewhat hypocritical when it comes to voting.(in more ways than one)

  2. What would a President Christie have to vote on?