Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Bitcoin Foundation an Embarrassing Exercise in Bad Faith and State Philosophy"

Via CoinDesk:
Anarchist activist Cody Wilson has officially launched his candidacy for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation board elections, and reaffirmed his intention to try and disband the organization from within if successful.
Wilson nominated himself with a post on the foundation's forums on 20th December and has also launched a website to support his campaign.
A staunch opponent of bitcoin regulation or centralization, Wilson is also best known for co-founding Defense Distributed, a donor-funded nonprofit organization that designs and distributes plans for the 3D-printed 'Liberator' pistol and 'Ghost Gunner' CNC milling machine.
He was also part of the founding team of DarkWallet, the project to make bitcoin transaction anonymization easy for everyday users.
"I will run on a platform of the complete dissolution of the Bitcoin Foundation and will begin and end every single one of my public statements with that message," Wilson said in November when he first announced his intention to run.
Notably, the Bitcoin Foundation's November announcement that it would wind down its education, outreach and public policy efforts to focus on developing bitcoin's software core appears not to have weakened his campaign.
Wilson's recently posted manifesto also does not hold back on its combative rhetoric and disdain for the foundation, with its introduction that states:
"This Bitcoin Foundation ... was always an embarrassing exercise in bad faith and state philosophy. It was always a vessel for frauds and second-rate minds to collude against the public. I invite you now to its ritual sacrifice."

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