Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ben Carson on Evolution, Abortion and Gays

I find this fascinating.

Rupert Murdoch seems to be aggressively pushing Ben Carson:

Yet, Carson holds a number of views on evolution, abortion and gays that are far from politically correct.

Mother Jones highlights those views: Future President Ben Carson Wrote 6 Books. We Read Them So You Don't Have To.

Will politically correct MSM ignore these politically incorrect views of Carson? Carson is afterall in line when it comes to executing war and criticizing Obama for not being tough enough:

Monday on NewsmaxTV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Dr. Ben Carson said President Barack Obama’s reaction to the threat of ISIS is “amateur night” and until he can actually say we are at war how can he act.

The former chief of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center said, “Until he is actually is able to utter the words we are at war with these Arabs, I don’t know if he will be able to do what is necessary. If he can’t even utter the words how will he actually be able to execute the action?”
Is this enough for the warmongers?



  1. “Until he is actually is able to utter the words we are at war with these Arabs..."


    This made me feel when people say "the gays"...

  2. Someone tell Ben Carson that the President doesn't have the authority to declare war. You need Congress for that. So Obama can't say we're at war. He has to say we're conducting Oversees Contingency Operations, or Police Actions, or we're enforcing a No Fly Zone. But but but, that's not WAR because he didn't say the word WAR. Right? Guess not if you're a neocon.

  3. I first came across Carson from some RunBenRun email.

    I liked some of his statements, his background, and then his hawkish views made me sick.

    He will probably be VP.

  4. I predict that Carson will be this election cycle's Herman Cain he'll make noise early on and then fade away

  5. As Ilana Mercer would say, it looks like Carson doesn't know a Shi'ite from Shinola. BTW, Obama is apparently switching back to siding with Assad against ISIS. Therefore, we can now just say that we are at war with THOSE Arabs, as opposed being at war with THESE Arabs. You know.

  6. Don't let this pinko near a grocery store - he would turn us into Venezuela.