Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Rand Paul Move Toward the Establishment

Friends tell me that the recent Rand Paul hire, Chris LaCivita, is no friend of Rand adviser Mike Rothfeld. 

Say what you will about Rothfled, but he is an anti-establishment activist.

Rand's hire of LaCivita looks like a further move toward the establishment--and thus away from Rothfeld.  

I also hear that Rand has been making some calls New Hampshire way, to NH executive council member Dave Wheeler for one. During their talk, Rand told Wheeler that he was in favor of nationwide gun carry, which flies directly in the face of the stance of Rothfeld, who adamantly believes that the federal government should not be involved in gun laws and that guns should be governed at the state level.

I am not picking a side here on the gun legislation debate, but merely pointing out that Rand seems to be moving away from Rothfeld and in more of an establishment direction.


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