Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another Alleged Skill Road 2.0 Staffer is Arrested

I repeat: Bitcoin is NOT a libertarian currency. It is very trackable, once government finds just one bread crumb on the trail  It makes no sense to be in the face of government this way. Just follow the Ross Ulbricht trial to see how the government plays there hand. It is seek and destroy. It is no legal maneuvered barred, regardless of the ethical implications.

RT reports:
Federal authorities in the United States have charged and arrested another individual over alleged drug crimes related to the Silk Road 2.0 website, this time in the midst of the trial concerning the original site’s supposed mastermind.

On Tuesday, a criminal complaint was officially unsealed in US District Court for the Western District of Washington, revealing that authorities have charged 26-year-old Brian Farrell of Bellevue, WA with one count of conspiracy to distribute hard drugs.

Farrell was arrested on Friday, Reuters reported, although news of the federal case against him was not made available until Tuesday.

According to the authorities, Farrell knowingly and intentionally conspired to sell heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine — all Schedule 1 narcotics — on Silk Road 2.0, an online marketplace in which contraband can be bought and sold by merchants and vendors across the globe using digital cryptocurrency.

Get this, from RT:
 In the complaint against Farrell, which was unsealed this week, the authorities say that they were privy to Silk Road 2.0’s internal operations since early last year and had narrowed in on the Washington man back in July.

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