Sunday, December 28, 2014

Visa Suspends Operations in Crimea

Visa suspended its operations in Crimea after another round of U.S. sanctions, the company said Friday, reports WSJ.

“Due to the latest U.S. sanctions imposed against Crimea by Executive Order 13685 of December 19, 2014, Visa is now prohibited from offering Visa-branded products and services to Crimea. This means that we can no longer support card issuing and merchant/ATM acquiring services in Crimea,” Visa said in a statement.

Supposing for a minute that Russia actually did something wrong by moving into Crimea and protecting the residents against Kiev directed hostilities, why does the US want to harass the people of Crimea who are simply pawns in a global power game?

There can only be one reason: To make the Crimean people pay for voting in support of the Russian move and to attempt to ferment unhappiness with the Russian occupation.

But make no mistake, it only hurts the Crimean people and is not the act of a civilized nation.


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