Sunday, December 28, 2014

Victory in Ohio Over Aggressive Criminalization

A small step in the direction of liberty-RW

By Isaac Gorodetski and James R. Copland

In recent  years, states across the nation have seen an upsurge in the size and scope of their criminal codes, paired with an ever-growing labyrinth of rules and regulations that increasingly criminilize ordinary conduct. On Wednesday, Ohio lawmakers battled back against this alarming trend—dubbed “overcriminalization”—by unanimously passing an original piece of legislation to protect its innocent residents and small businesses from unknowing and accidental violations of criminal offenses. Last Friday, the bill was signed by the governor. Ohio’s SB 361 will provide a template that other states should embrace to safeguard the liberties and livelihoods of all Americans.

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  1. You see how little by little the states are the best tool for winning the war against the tyrannical USGOV. Thats the only strategy that will work. You can only fight govt with another govt. You cant fight it with just articles or youtube videos or protesting or not voting or with pretending to be free with agoraphobia. Everyone has go get up and start voting for libertarians in all future state elections. All you need is 20% of all legislatures to be libertarian, and thats enough to effect massive change.

  2. So basically they're saying, "Ignorance of a law IS an excuse."

  3. Read the law and decide for youself: