Monday, December 15, 2014

Ukraine Utterly Corrupt

Michael Rozeff writes:
Even if Americans do not have a libertarian bone left in their bodies, they should reject foreign interventions (wars in particular) on money grounds alone. Interventions chew through enormous amounts of money. Costs are astronomical. Money goes completely to waste. The corruption in many foreign countries permeates the whole system, and these places become money sinks, absorbing all the American dollars they can get. Aid, medical supplies, food, arms and everything else is stolen and converted into cash wherever possible.

Ukraine is yet another one of these pits of corruption. Accounting firm Ernst and Young placed Ukraine in the top three corrupt countries in 2012, the other two being Colombia and Brazil. U.S. diplomats describe Ukraine as a kleptocracy. Other measures place Ukraine as 118th among 179 countries in corruption.

Congress is totally irresponsible to shower money and arms upon Ukraine for any reason.

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  1. If the U.S. government "showers" these governments with money, where does the U.S. Government fit on this list of most corrupt (not to mention E&Y)? I agree with MR, Americans should reject foreign interventions including U.S., state and local governments in America intervening in American lives. But intervening is part of human nature and changing that requires time and evolution of the individual. But while we wait we can "leave behind us footprints on the sands of time..." taking action with our family, friends and neighbors that reflect the NAP.