Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Early Republican Presidential Candidate Nominee Poll Numbers (Rand in 6th Place)


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    1. If I remember correctly his "claim to fame" has been several anti-Obamacare videos given that he's a doctor.

  2. So despite Rand's outreach to blacks, Hispanics, and neocons, he has the same or even less support than Ron. It's good to see that (maybe) libertarians aren't guzzling the Kool Aid.

  3. I guess Sleepy slept in..
    But Dopey made it. And dopey, and dopey. and dopey.and dopey and finally...Dopey!

  4. Romney leads the way? Republicans haven't learned their lesson? If only the Democrats could run someone who could lose to Romney.

  5. "But it is surely rare for an ideological movement to sell out when it merely sniffs the faintest whiff of possible power some day in the future. ... So perhaps the best thing that could happen to save our souls and our principles is for the meretricious “quick-victory” model to lead to a quick defeat, even on the opportunists' own terms: in media flash and numbers of vote."

    -- Murray Rothbard (1980)