Friday, December 12, 2014

Standoff at Harvard Last Night

From the Crimson:
A group of about 30 students attempted to hold a silent demonstration in the first minutes of Primal Scream, a biannual naked run around Harvard Yard, early Thursday morning, inadvertently leading to a chaotic exchange of words and gestures that reversed the usual direction of the run and left many questioning the significance of the heated interaction.
The run is a College tradition in which students, at times inebriated, run naked around the Yard on the eve of the first day of exams. It usually attracts more than a hundred participants...
As student streakers began to gather, talking and shouting, just a few yards away, the protesters, some of them clad in black sweatshirts with the words, “I ♥ Black People,” stayed silent. After failing to quiet the students with a megaphone, Khurana was lifted onto the back of a half-naked man, from where Khurana tried to quiet the crowd again...Some runners chanted, “black lives matter!” while others shouted obscenities.



  1. Col. House would be proud... of all of it. Geez...

  2. I just thank God that I grew up in a time you could streak and not have to worry about the internet or twitter.

  3. In my day, it consisted of opening your dorm window and screaming for a minute or so. There was no "tradition of running around naked."