Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ron Paul a Growing Hero in Russia

Will he advance the libertarian movement in Russia the way he has here in the US?

Mikhail Klikushin |writes in a bit of a snarly fashion, but it is clear RP is having an impact:
For years, the Russian media has been presenting members of the US Congress as a bunch of old, corrupt millionaires who are nothing but Russophobes and poodles on the leash held by the global corporations. Senator John McCain, for example, deploying famous phrases like “Today we all are Georgians” and “now we all are Ukrainians,” never misses the opportunity to attach the KGB label when he pronounces the word “Putin.” He has become a household name in Russia and a symbol of a Russian-American “reset” that was never meant to be. According to the Russian media, most congressmen are crazy to the point that one has to be mentally ill even to listen to them.
But there is one good egg, a positive exception. Never mind that he is a former congressman. His name is Ron Paul and he has become a rising political star in Russia. Mr. Paul became a darling of the Russians back in March when in his interview to the USA Today he declared “Crimea secedes – so what?” In arguing that “self-determination is a centerpiece of international law,” Mr. Paul seemed to hit upon language that rang true to many Russians, writing in his op-ed, “What’s the big deal?”
Nowadays, he gives interviews to the Kremlin international mouthpiece RT, he has been quoted by major Russian newspapers and TV channels. He is a representative of the progressive America.
I was recently interviewed on Russia' s top news channel, Russia 24. for sure, I was riding on Dr. Paul's coattails.


(via The New York Observer)

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