Monday, December 8, 2014

Rand Paul's War to Defend War

David Swanson's take on Rand's call for war against ISIS to "protect the facilities of the United States":
Senator Rand Paul wants Congress to Declare war on ISIS....

But Paul's war declaration doesn't just declare a war that is already underway. It declares a war limited to this action exclusively:

"protect the people and facilities of the United States in Iraq and Syria against the threats posed thereto by the organization referring to itself as the Islamic State."

See, it's sort of a pretense of defensive war. We'll fight you thousands of miles away in your country, in defense. But this pretense depends on the United States, and its corporate oil overlords, deciding to maintain people and facilities in Iraq and Syria.

What facilities does the U.S. government have in Iraq and Syria? Military facilities! (Including the world's largest "embassy," which is certainly a military facility.)

So we'll have a war with the sole purpose of defending soldiers and weaponry kept there just in case we need to have a war. If you're unable to see the logical problem here, ask a child to help.

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  1. It's no different logically than "we had to abandon free market to save it".

    Maybe Rand and Bush the Dumber can chum around together & choke down a few pretzels.