Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rand Paul: I "Begrudgingly" Support the US Getting Back in the Middle East

Yesterday, at the WSJ CEO Council conference in Washington DC, Rand explained the problem with US intervention in foreign lands, but then,amazingly, stated he is in favor of intervention:

"  we are now going back to the Middle East ... which I ... support the grudgingly... the reason I give is cuz we have an embassy or consulate to [that] should be defended [in Syria.]"

As Justin Raimondo put it recently:
Sen. Paul is here establishing a whole new principle: the rather loopy idea that we are compelled to go to war whenever one of our "diplomatic facilities" is endangered. Which means we should’ve declared war on Iran when they took over our Tehran embassy in 1979 – and bombed the heck out of the Egyptians when they besieged our Cairo embassy in 2012. If we attacked every country where our embassy or consulate has been surrounded with threatening protesters screaming "Yankee Go Home!" we’d have invaded the whole of South America and half of Asia by this time.
Watch Rand discuss his foreign policy perspective at the WSJ CEO conference here.


  1. According to Rand Paul, the US should have declared war on China in 1999 ...

  2. Dr. Block: "Brilliant political move on Rand's part!"