Friday, December 19, 2014

Rand Making the Lifting of the Cuban Embargo A Presidential Power versus Congressional Power Issue

Rand Paul says he is against the embargo BUT he writes in TIME:
 [I]t is ultimately Congress not the President who will debate and decide whether the embargo will end. Congress, not the Executive, has dominion over many aspects of the trade and travel embargo. I doubt Congress will vote to end the embargo at this time, but my hope is that restoring diplomatic ties will induce Cubans to rise up and demand more freedom and more trade with the U.S.
Just who the hell is Rand to think Congress OR the president should be going around telling Americans who they can trade with?

Folks, it is clear, Rand is about keeping decisions that are not any of the government's business in the
bailiwick of the government. He is not about freedom from government as much as he is in favor of a shell game where one shell of government rules rather than another.



  1. Robert,

    I enjoy your site, but your critiques of Rand Paul are unfair because he has never claimed the Rothbardian mantle. He is not 100% ancap. We know that.

    I agree with Walter Block. Rand Paul is the most libertarian senator in history. Moreover, he is better than Taft or Goldwater.


    1. " Rand Paul is the most libertarian senator in history."

      If that's as good as it gets then fuck it. Who needs them at all?

  2. I don't care who does it as long as the policies move in a more libertarian direction.

  3. The rights of Americans to travel and trade with whom they wish should have been protected by the judiciary from both legislative and executive interference. 9th amendment and all that. Of course we all know about how that works out, the constitution being a dead letter and the judiciary refusing to protect the rights of civilians against the State.