Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rand Fails to Support Release of Torture Report

Jay Stephenson emails:

The media has taken notice of Rand dancing around torture issue:

NYT writes:
Approached outside his office on Wednesday, he would not answer
questions. Mr. Paul’s libertarian-leaning followers disdain the
aggressive Bush-era national security policies, but the Kentuckian has
been careful on foreign policy to not appear as out of the Republican
The awkwardness of his position was on display after the report was
released Tuesday. Speaking to Politico, he said, “I think we should
not have torture,” and he generally praised government transparency,
but questioned whether releasing gruesome details would be “beneficial
or inflammatory.”

NY  Mag writes:
Frank Rich on the National Circus: America Is Still in Denial About Torture
"The GOP’s presidential hopefuls are running for cover, Rand Paul
included. And Hillary Clinton, who has said almost nothing publicly
about torture, could be found, as usual, straddling.

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