Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Police vs. Protesters

Berkeley, CA, earlier this week:


  1. Wow....

    That was brutal.

    It is very clear who the aggressors are in this situation, they trapped them and then started beating them. Obviously they were enjoying themselves. A very bad sign for Amerika.

    And yet, even with this on film, I don't think the protestors got any officers in trouble, and because the media and public and court system is against them, I don't see how this did any good except embolden violent and abusive actions from corrupt peace officers.

    At one point they either need to show up equally equipped and coordinated and stand their ground, stand their ground and take the beating- maintaining their position and peacefulness, or not show up at all. Taking a beating and running away is not productive in any capacity.

  2. It's like watching the cover of Lew Rockwell's book Against the State come to life...