Monday, December 8, 2014

NYPD's 'Blue Privilege'

By Chris Rossini

The Empire has a lot of octopus arms that act as its enforcers. Domestically, they're known as cops, and internationally they're known as the military. All of them get away with dispensing aggressive violence almost all of the time.

Here's what the New York Daily News discovered about the NYPD's 'Blue Privilege':
A Daily News investigation found that at least 179 people were killed by on-duty NYPD officers over the past 15 years. Just three of the deaths have led to an indictment in state court. In another case, a judge threw out the indictment on technical grounds and it was not reinstated.

Only one officer who killed someone while on duty has been convicted, but he was not sentenced to jail time.
Here's the rest of the report.

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