Sunday, December 7, 2014

Is There a Leaker at the Highest Levels of the US Government?

In August, I reported on an FT story detailing the botched attempt to rescue freelance journalist James Foley:
What I found most curious in the report is that it appears that ISIS was tipped off about the US raid just hours before it occurred. From the FT report:
If the activists’ accounts are accurate, the raid may have missed its target by a matter of hours.
“The same evening those forces landed, Isis had sent out two big convoys,” the second activist said at the time. “We believe it contained important emirs, even perhaps Mr Baghdadi himself . . . but maybe something else was happening.”
Does the apparently well funded ISIS have a mole high up within US command? Is there a foreign operator who has the capability to monitor high level US communications and who tipped off ISIS about the raid?

Although it is unclear about who tipped off ISIS, unless we chalk up the well timed movement of the prisoners a coincident, there appears to be evil operators who know too much about what the US is up to.
Now, after a failed attempt yesterday to rescue  Luke Somers, an American photojournalist held in Yemen by Al Qaeda, that resulted in his death, NYT is reporting that an earlier rescue attempt was made on November 25, but like in the case of Foley, Somers was moved just days before the rescue attempt:
 [T]he first raid, on Nov. 25, an operation led by United States Special Operations commandos on a cave near Yemen’s border with Saudi Arabia...freed eight other hostages and killed seven militants, but found no sign of Mr. Somers, who apparently had been moved in the days before the operation.


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  1. When I look at all the facts we know about ISIS, the odds of it being a US federal government 'project'* of one sort or another, of one degree or another, are pretty good. The fact it acts as if there is mole high up in the US federal government only adds to that pile of circumstantial evidence.

    *remember some US government covert 'projects' may be as little as a couple guys setting something into motion which then takes on a life of its own.