Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is Mitch McConell Hinting That It Might Benefit Rand to be Declared Insane?

Just wondering.

Politico reports:
Rand Paul can expect Mitch McConnell to have his back if he runs for president — but the GOP Senate minority leader predicted it would be a tough task for his junior colleague from Kentucky to run for both the Senate and the White House at the same time...

Paul has officially announced his bid for reelection to the Senate but is currently barred by state law from seeking both that office and the presidency. He has not officially announced a presidential campaign but has laid the groundwork to build an infrastructure for a White House run.

McConnell called the dilemma something Paul “has to grapple with” at POLITICO’s Lessons from Leaders summit on Wednesday morning.
“It’s a tough challenge in Kentucky. We have a very early filing deadline, late January. I think the Iowa caucuses start in February now,” McConnell said. “If that weren’t bad enough, after you’re the nominee [in Kentucky], the only way to get off the ballot is if you’re dead or … declared insane by a judge."
On a more serious note. Jennifer "Crazy Lady" Rubin nails a real problem for Rand:
 Paul has turned off hawks and evangelicals and acquired the reputation for opportunism in trying to both maintain his anti-interventionist views and convince voters that he is a mainstream conservative.

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