Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Scrub The Government Stench From A Story

By Chris Rossini

If you're a team-player in American media, your job is to take any problem and remove the government stench from it.

It doesn't stop there though. You must then portray the problem in a way that tasks government with providing the solution!

Do those two things, and you'll be showered with "access" coupled with lots of cocktails and cheese.

We saw one example with the recent New Yorker cover on Ferguson. The problem was not accurately portrayed as government employee vs. unarmed teenager.

No...no...no...It's black vs. white:

How is government now going to solve this "black vs. white" problem?

Let's now look at an example from today.

Black Friday sales were weak. Is it because Americans have been strangled by government, its central bank, and the military black hole?

No...no...no...Not according to BusinessInsider.

Here's the top story that has been up most of today:

It's a "Class Problem".

How is government now going to solve this "class problem"?

Funny thing is, when you click on the actual story, the word "class" never appears in it. The headline is bait and keeps attention off the villains.

So remember, step one is to remove the government stench, followed by framing the problem in a way that government action is needed for a solution.

Do those two things, and you'll go far kid.

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